Week 2 Sizzle Picks

Full Disclosure Week 1 Report –
Sizzle Picks that made us look good:
Jermaine Gresham – 6 catches, 58 yards, 1 TD
Kevin Kolb – 309 passing yards, 2 TD’s
Reggie Bush – 94 total yards, 9 catches, 1 TD

Sizzle Picks that made us look bad:
Joseph Addai – 52 total yards, 2 catches
Lance Kendricks – 1 catch, 18 yards
Andre Roberts – 2 catches, 21 yards

Rapid Fire Reaction –

Fantasy Football Week 1 - Sizzle or Fizzle Picks

Each week we’ll pick unobvious names who we believe are slated to SIZZLE, or fated to FIZZLE. Each SIZZLE player must be started in fewer than 60 percent of Yahoo! leagues to qualify. Each FIZZLE player must be started in at least 50 percent of Yahoo! leagues to qualify. Whether, good, bad or ugly, we will post the results the following week.

Week 1 Sizzle Picks –

Sit Tight: Don't draft a TE early!

The TE’s place in the world of fantasy football is ever evolving. It’s gone from a position that was basically a glorified offensive tackle, to one of fantasy relevance. This year I believe the position has more depth than it ever has. That’s why I won’t be drafting a TE until later in my drafts. Let’s take a quick look below at that strategy.

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy - Take Two Mid Tier QB's

Draft Strategy: Take 2 Mid Tier QB’s

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